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Where are you located?
How do I contact Oakwood?
How do I book a lesson?
How do I pay for my lesson/agistment?
Are there any restrictions I should know about?
Is there any special equipment I need?
Can I take photos or video of my lesson?
Do I need to become a Member?

Where are you located?

Oakwood is located at the corner of Smiths Lane and Thompsons Road, Clyde North
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How do I contact Oakwood?

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Riding lessons are available from Tuesday to Saturday.

Address: Postal Address:
” The Meadows” Oakwood Riding School
10 Smiths Lane P.O. Box 528
Clyde North Beaconsfield
Victoria 3978 Victoria 3807
Australia Australia
Office Manager: Paddy Dixon
Facility Manager: Sarah Schroder
Phone: +61 (03) 9702 6566
Email: (primary contact)

How do I book a lesson? 

It is best to call the school on (03) 9702-6566 and discuss your needs with our Office Manager.
All riders must have an initial assessment lesson regardless of ability.
All riders will be required to sign a Waiver, prior to riding.

How do I pay for my lesson/agistment?

We accept cash, credit card and EFTPos and payment must be made prior to the lesson.
At this time, we do not accept Diners Card or American Express.
Agistment payments can be made as above or by Bank Transfer to Oakwood Riding School.  Please contact the School for more details.

Are there any restrictions I should know about?

Lessons are only available to riders 8 years and over.
Riders must not weigh more than 90 kg.
All riders MUST complete and sign a Waiver prior to riding – including disclosure of any medical/behavioural conditions and/or learning disabilities. (These conditions are a requirement of our Insurance cover, and not subject to negotiation.)

Is there any special equipment I need?

Oakwood can provide Safety Helmets on a temporary basis.  If you wish to bring your own helmet, it MUST meet the following safety standards:
AS/NZS 3838         Current Australian and NZ standard
EN1384                    Current European standard
ASTN F1163            Current US Standard


For the sake of safety, all riders MUST wear smooth soled, small heeled boots.
Traditionally, jodphurs are worn, however jean, slacks or tracksuit pants are suitable. Leggings are not advised as they often cause skin grazing and pinching.

Can I take photos or video of my lesson?

Yes, you can.  However, we request that you do not use a “flash” device when taking the photos as it may startle the horses.


Do I need to become a Member?

You DO NOT need to become a member if you are having lessons on School Horses or on your own horse; or if your horse is already agisted at Oakwood Riding School.
If you have a horse agisted elsewhere, and wish to use the riding facilities at Oakwood, you will need to be become a Member.

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" The Meadows" 10 Smiths Lane Clyde North, Victoria 3978, Australia
Phone: +61 (03) 9702 6566