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Stefano Van Zuijlen Clinic

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Stefano Van Zuijlen  is specialist in dressage coaching, education and advising people. Coaching from the levels prelim up to Grand Prix.

Stefano van Zuijlen has many years of experience in teaching at the horse academic in Holland NHB Deurne where he is a specialist in coaching the rider to develop a feeling for riding instead of riding in the abstract.

The unique combination of being a teacher, a graduate bachelor in different methods of horse training and a competent Grand Prix rider himself makes Stefano capable to teach a rider to be conscious about the training of the horse and to develop a good relationship with the horse who is willing to work for and to give to the rider.

Stefano’s mission is to supervise horse and rider in recreative and /or sports development all the way to the top emphasizing the well being of the horse.

Date: Wednesday 10th October

Location: Oakwood Riding School

Lessons: 45 minute private

Cost: $195 p/p

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